Karaoke Room Booking


Sundays to Thursdays - Any time during business hours in 3-Hour sessions.

                                          1. Check availability (time slots in blue color have been taken up)

                                          2. Click the grey or dotted space to see the reservation window

                                          3. Enter the exact time you want to start your session.

                                          Allow 15 minutes for clean up between sessions.

Fridays and Saturdays - Only two sessions (5pm-8pm or 8:15pm-11:15pm) are available 

                                          Call us if you want to book outside these two time slots.

Call (303-321-1805) if you need to book a more than three hour session,

or you need to cancel or reschedule your existing booking.


1. A minimum of 10 people to qualify for reservation. The room can accommodate a maximum of 20 people

2. A fixed deposit of $30 will be collected during on-line reservation. Otherwise the booking is invalid.

The deposit will be deducted in your final bill but it won't be refundable if you cancel the reservation within TWO days of your scheduled day.

3. Room fee is $10 per hour and a minimum of 3 hour and a total bill not less than $150 (including food & drinks) per booking.

If the food and drink purchase is more than $200, the first 3 hours room fee is waived!

4. You must provide a cell phone number during on-line booking.